Operational Excellence

Our continued goal at MMI is to help career colleges strive for operational excellence.

Custom Surveys

MMI can supply custom online/paper/telephone survey solutions for career colleges.

Placement Verification

With a single phone call, MMI can become your third party placement verification team.

We’re a Data Integrity Research Firm Specializing in the Career College Sector

Data Integrity

Career colleges and universities are required to submit data to accreditation, state and federal regulators for most of their operational metrics. MMI specializes in ensuring that the data that you are submitting is accurate. Accurate data gives you and your regulators peace of mind.

Third Party Employment Verification

MMI is a Third Party Employment Verification firm that completes employer and graduate placement verification. MMI’s processes meet the verification requirements of accreditation agencies such as ACCSC, ACICS, ABHES, COE and ACCET. MMI has both regionally and nationally accredited clients throughout the United States.

Third Party Satisfaction Data

MMI offers a professional online survey service that allows you to view your most recent student satisfaction surveys sorted by campus, by instructor and by course. You can also compare students’ satisfaction levels between campuses, view data on employers’ satisfaction with graduates and view data on graduates’ satisfaction with their education.

Lastly, we allow you to identify areas for improvement for your instructors while viewing the students’ levels of satisfaction with their campus, their instructors and their programs of study.

MMI has been customizing survey solutions for Career Colleges since 2004.