Our Customers

Delivering third party solutions to career colleges and universities across North America.

Our Customers

At MMI our customers are our partners. Growing together with our career college partners today, and long into the future means delivering data integrity assurance and survey solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We plan on being around for the long haul, just as our customers do.

MMI’s Career College partners are located throughout the United States and include both regionally and nationally accredited schools.

We believe our current customers are our best champions, and encourage all potential clients to speak to them.

What our Customers are saying

“MMI was originally contracted by our college chain to provide Student Satisfaction Services, however because of their exceptional customer service and ability to adapt quickly to our growth, and changing regulatory requirements, we have expanded their scope of services over the years to include instructor evaluations as well as graduate and employer services.”

“MMI has been nothing but thorough with handling our Employment Verification calls.  It is not uncommon for us to send hundreds of verification requests, some with short turnaround required, and they have always delivered consistent results with great customer satisfaction.”

“I have worked with MMI since 2009 and couldn’t be happier with the service I received.  MMI has always gone above and beyond my expectations.  When I needed information on a weekend, they were able to data mine the information and get it to me the same day.  MMI works in a collaborative way with their customers to ensure they meet their specific needs.  MMI is not an in the box solution; they truly want to help their customers succeed based on their needs.  They have taken on large projects multiple times at the last minute and delivered results earlier than contracted.  MMI’s solutions are affordable, delivered with quality and unmatched by all other vendors I have worked with.  One of the unique qualities that MMI brings to the table unlike their competitors is their extensive experience in higher education operations.  I highly recommend MMI to schools that are looking for an opportunity to improve their educational experience and ensure data integrity.”