Placement Verification

MMI is non-biased and our processes meet employment verification accreditation standards.

Third Party Employment Verification

To continue with MMI’s goal to ensure operational excellence for our client schools, our Third Party Placement Verification services provide you with the following features and benefits:

  • MMI is non-biased third party. We help to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your graduate placement data. Having your data verified by a third party such as MMI can help to meet employment verification requirements of your state and accrediting bodies. It can also help protect against allegations of non-compliance. The principals of MMI have worked in the private sector college market for several decades and understand the importance of reliability and integrity of the data that is published and submitted to regulators.
  • MMI has clients nationwide that are accredited by ABHES, ACCET, COE, NACCAS and ACCSC. Additionally, MMI has regionally accredited clients.
  • MMI will work with your Career Services Department as a partner –not as a vendor — to develop a plan to contact your graduates’ employers. We verify the integrity of your placement data to allow you to meet federal, state and accrediting body requirements and we will stand by all of our reports.
  • MMI will contact the employer by telephone, email, fax or direct mail. At the same time, if requested by the school, the employer will be asked to complete a “Three-Question Employer Satisfaction Survey”  (Our staff training focuses on treating employers with utmost courtesy and respect for their time.)
  • MMI can also attempt to contact the graduate to verify the employment, if requested by the school or employer. This will be done by telephone or email.

During the employer placement verification call, MMI will, at a minimum*:

  1. Determine the graduate’s job title and job duties.
  2. Determine the authenticity of the employer organization.
  3. Determine if the graduate is working in the field related to his/her course of study (if required by the college)
  4. Record the call (with consent) for backup if requested by the college
  5. Determine if the employer’s organization has future hiring opportunities for your graduates.

MMI will work with your Career Services Department concerning:

  1. Placements requiring further examination.
  2. Employers unable to be contacted or verified.
  3. Leads from employers requiring further graduates.

MMI will provide detailed reporting to you by providing all placement verification data to your management team in detailed reports and can provide graduate and employer satisfaction results online through a password protected portal.

* Different schools have different employment verification requirements. MMI will customize its verification process around the reporting needs of your accreditation bodies.